Hire a Cleaning Doctor V’s DIY

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Carpet Cleaning - Cleaning Doctor

Wondering if you should hire a carpet cleaning Doctor to to all the work for you in Cork or go out and do it yourself?

Lets debate the difference apart from the obvious such as having to go out and get all the cleaning equipment and cleaning detergents yourself assuming you don’t already have them in the house already. We debated some points with the carpet cleaning Doctor Cork, here are some of the points made and benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner against us doing it. Lets look at what they can bring to the table against your ability to do it yourself:


A good carpet adds beauty, comfort and style to a room but with time and traffic and general use, it loses that appeal with some stains, and general dirt brought in, its newness is gone. A professional cleaning doctor will be able bring back that new feel with stains removed and a fresh smell back in the carpet using their strong industrial machines.

A cleaning doctor provides skilled carpet cleaners with effective knowledge and best application in removing stains that you may struggle with especially with stains that are difficult to remove and limiting the amount of damage a lay person can do by using chemicals that sometimes make a stain even worse. Mixing chemicals with stains can often make it worse and result in permanent damage.


If time is our most valuable resource with a defined about of it per person, well you have to evaluate it against how long it will take you against how long it will take a professional cleaners. At a guess for an average room, it would take someone like you or me half a day to do an average job, a professional cleaner can do it in about an hour and have a better job done. Half a day’s labour for an ok job against I hour with a cleaning Doctor. I think the professional cleaner will win.

Reduced Wetness and Moisture

Professional cleaners use suction machines and dryers to reduce the amount of wetness and damp going in to the carpets, a manual job using more conventional cleaning methods done by you or me will take a room probably two to three days to dry out properly. Again the professional cleaner will win.


The cost of hiring a professional cleaner is very reasonable and cheap. If we compare what it would cost us to do it including our time as time is a limited resource, if it takes us half a day to clean a carpet say 4 hours multiplied by an average hourly cost, you will find it can be sometimes as cheap and cheaper to hire a pro carpet cleaner.

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