Embellish Your Bathroom with Plants

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snake plant

Snake Plant

How to embellish your bathroom with plants?

Beautify with Plants

Why not bring life and color to the most commonly used rooms in the house, the bathroom? Though most of us never stop to think that a well-designed and sterile bathroom needs to be filled with life. The best way to make that happen is to install plants that grow well in such room temperature, with moisture and not to forget the low light. Works perfectly for some plants but definitely not all. We must be careful and do our research before getting plants for a bathroom.

Water, Light and Plants

One way is to look for humidity loving plants. Ask around and you will gather information sooner rather than later. It is better to start with window ledges and shelves, the higher the better. Small plants look great and provide more space for other tall plants. Among other florae like orchids, ferns, bamboos and the snake plant, my personal favorite is the aloe Vera plant. It works great in less sunlight which makes it perfect for the bathroom. They not only purify the air but also with their eye-catching glossy leaves help revamp the room.

Talking about color, orchids in white and pink being a small plant are best to brighten a bathroom by placing them on the sink or by the tub, keeping them at eye level. So you see there are many ways to use these plants, place them at places where they look best. All you need to do is look for the plants you like and your bathroom would look more refreshing and interesting.

Light among other things is also a main concern. As bathrooms have usually small windows, sunlight is hard to reach. So, make sure you look for plants that require less or no sunlight. Also use fluorescent light bulbs, as they help produce the wavelengths of light that plants need. Science amazes in many ways indeed. With these small tips you will be able to embellish your bathroom in less than a week, beautifying it with greenery.

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