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How to Make A Seed Bomb

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seed bomb making

Seed Bombs and the Global Crusade

Guerrilla Gardening being the talk of the town in the gardening sector is becoming more and more popular among gardeners and regular people in general. It is more like a global revival crusade, to brighten up the world with color and life. With the idea to bring people closer to stand up for one cause, bringing change to the otherwise dull and rusty old neighborhoods, roadsides and wastelands ignored by almost everyone.
So, in order to do that why not use Seed Bombs? A technique to make little “bombs” using clay, seeds, compost and water. Simple and quick way to just throw and get going. A very cool term for seeds right? Seed bombing is considered to be fun and effective way of guerrilla gardening, making them yourself with seeds of your favorite flowers, and help revamp the abandoned pieces of lands by a single throw.


DIY Seed Bombs

It really is very easy to make, the seeds bombs? Yeah that right! By mixing one part compost with five parts clay and not to forget one part seeds. Knead them together properly, make separate balls and let them dry over the night. That’s it. With few simple ingredients you will have your very own “Seed Bombs”. Now you see why they are the talk of the town.There are however some points to consider:
Make sure the seeds you are using are native to the land, the soil and the location is suitable.
Understand how many seeds you must put into the mixture for it to work effectively and not overload the land. The method of mixing and using a recipe is sometimes the answer to effective gardening.The compost you are using must be aged enough.
The clay must be fresh and if it stinks than let it dry before you use it. To get into details you might want to look it up here.

Social Responsibility
We always want to do the best we can, but don’t overdo it. Learn and make plans before jumping into it. A great cause like Guerrilla Gardening, must be done with responsibility and accountability. The plus side is that you are going to make this world a better place by these simple techniques. Planting flowers and dropping off seed bombs at deserted places, though are small gestures but you might be responsible for a smile at somebody else’s face. Brighten the world and make it worth living for yourself and other too.

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Dealing With Weeds

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Weed Worries? Not any More!
Is your lush green garden now turned into a nightmare with weeds all over? Every garden’s worst enemy. Watch out or your once-lush garden is going to be infiltrated by unwanted plants and you are going to regret not taking some precautions in the first place. Luckily, you are at the right place to learn how to prevent weed and the best solutions to make it go away naturally instead of using chemical treatments that might be harmful for your enchanting plants.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weed
The best approach is always the natural step by step technique to make its effect lasts long. You don’t want to get rid of it quickly with chemicals and spoiling all the good stuff with it. Some of the ways to do it naturally are mentioned below:

Soil Tilling
If you are seeding and planting for the first time on some ground, try to get rid of existing roots and grass also known as soil tilling.

Mulch the Soil
Another way is to mulch the soil, it helps the plants by the keeping the soil cool and damp. The idea is to kill the weeds and grass by blocking the light, some people spreads layers of newspaper to achieve the purpose.

Boiling Water
Boiling water is mostly used to kill any extra grass or unwanted plants, it is an easy and effective way and works almost always.

Vinegar Solution
To change the soil salinity and kill the weeds, salt or vinegar solution is sprayed over the affected area. It will not only be effective but work faster.

Chop chop chop
If you don’t want to remove them from the roots, chop off their heads. It will not only limit their regrowth but also stop them from spreading.

Deprive weeds of water
To make sure you are not helping the weeds to grow try not to water them. Research shows that water deprivation reduces 50-60% of weed-seed germination.
Easy and effortless in most cases. Surprised how you never thought of these simple techniques before? No worries, let this spring be the first step of being cautious and never let those nasty weeds invade your garden. Tug them or chop them, mulch or boil them alive. Whatever you do, they must be stopped and prevented at all costs.

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