Balcony Garden Ideas

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balcony garden

No yard? Grow an Urban Balcony Garden

Dream Garden in a Balcony

Are you one of those people who have given up on gardening only because they have no yard to beautify? The times when gardening was limited to yards and proper ground, is the past now. You no longer need to suppress your gardening abilities. You can plant your favorite plants and vegetables even if you live in a small apartment with a small balcony. Yes, a balcony! Who would have thought that it is even possible to grow plants at such a place? Wait till you learn all that we have for you.

Key Points For A Better Balcony Garden

All you need is good light, a wide rack of pots, some sitting area and awesome gardening skills. Making a small terrace into a place capable of spending your evening is more than what you would ever want. There are many smart ways that you could use to brighten up your balcony with less spending.

Firstly you must always use high quality organic potting soil as the plants in containers need more fertilization than the outdoor plants. Make sure your plants get at least 4-5 hours of sunlight a day, this will help you analyze which containers should be placed at which spots. Woodland plants might still thrive with partial sunlight, so studying sunlight is important. Also, keep your containers close to each other, it will allow you to water them together with ease.

Now to consider the vegetables that you can grow in your balcony, under your supervision few feet away from you. Some need large containers like cauliflower and Brussel sprouts, but if you like to keep small ones than go for salad greens, eggplants and peppers.

Fresh and healthy, unbelievable isn’t it? Some people also grow carrots in pots that are deep, or tomatoes, cucumbers and beans. Don’t let the urban apartment life stop you from enjoying the garden. Only a little creativity is required and you can have lanterns and comfy sittings to enhance the pleasure wild life brings.  To get detailed information about the vegetables take at the link here:

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