The Importance of Sealing Stamped Concrete

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It is important to protect your investment, and it doesn’t matter if you are planning to install a beautiful new stamped concrete walkway, patio or pool deck or if you have an existing one. Choosing the right sealer will help keep your stamped concrete to look great for a long time. It can also bring an existing stamped surface back to life. Concrete sealing is like wearing sunscreen, spraying Scotchgard on your shirt or applying wax to your car. A concrete sealer improves the look of stamped concrete by preventing the fading caused by ultraviolet light and guard it against harmful chemicals and stains.
We recommend that you apply concrete sealer after installing new concrete and then every 2-3 years. Sealing a stamped concrete will give it a glossy sheen and vibrant color. You can choose from a range of different gloss levels. They are available from no-gloss to high-gloss. You can even further enhance the color of the concrete with a tinted sealer. Furthermore, efflorescence can be prevented by applying a sealer. Efflorescence is whitish, powdery residue that builds up on the concrete’s surface. There are slip-resistant sealers which are perfect for pool decks.
Another benefit of applying a sealer is it protects the stamped concrete from stains. Your stamped walkway, pool deck or patio will be subjected to a lot of things that can leave marks and stains such as chlorine, chemicals, salt, dirt, leaves, pet urine, fertilizer, and more. By applying the right sealer, you can protect your stamped concrete from these. The sealer will prevent these things from penetrating the concrete’s surface which could leave unsightly stains otherwise.
For people who live in cold areas, another reason to seal your stamped concrete is that it will protect it from freeze-thaw damage. This type of damage can cause the concrete’s surface to crack and form flaking. It happens when water seeps into the surface of the concrete and expands as it freezes. With a correctly applied sealer, water will not sink into the concrete and should only bead up on the concrete’s surface. If you notice that this is not the case, then you should reseal your stamped concrete. Regular resealing will be required in high traffic areas.
In short, applying a sealer is enhancing and protecting a newly installed or existing stamped concrete. You can extend the service life of concrete further by proper sealing/resealing. Always make sure that the concrete contractor you are using seals your walkway, pool deck or patio with the right products and at the right time. Most contractors recommend applying a film-forming or penetrating sealer outdoors and going for a more natural, matte finish. It is also important that you only use sealers that allow both air and moisture to flow for exterior concrete installations. New stamped concrete should be sealed after it has cured. Most concrete contractors wait for seven to fourteen days before sealing the concrete. However, the official curing time is twenty-eight days.

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DIY Refrigerator Repair

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DIY Refrigerator Repair

You have probably arrived at this site to get appliance repair related information. If this is the case, then you don’t have to worry about not getting what you are looking for. We have gathered reliable information about refrigerator repair, washer repair, dryer repair, washing machine repair, dishwasher repair and repair of other home appliances.

fridge repair

In this particular post, we would like to answer one of these unanswered questions about, “Can I Fix My Refrigerator Myself”?

The simple answer to this question is Yes and No. It is “Yes” because you don’t want to waste your money on a minor problem you are capable of fixing at home. It is “No” simply because you can’t.

Why you can’t do the refrigerator repair yourself?

Refrigerators, just like other home appliances have become increasingly complex over the years. The basic functions are accomplished by compressed coolant, compressors, electric motors and metal tubing. All these components work together to expel heat from the interior and its contents.

However, it is not the fridge’s basic components that make home repairs problematic. Metal tubing is easy to understand, electric motors are not that complicated, compressors can be repaired easily, but the controls in some brands have changed from what we know as simple switches and dials to touch-screen interfaces and digital panels.

This means that problems with these digital controls could involve the repair of circuit boards and other specialized components. You may not be able to repair these controls at home. They require a technician with the right tools which you may not have at home.

Preventative refrigerator repair

Some of the repairs that people carry out themselves at home are not repairs at all. Appliance repair service technicians calls them preventative maintenance. So the bigger picture here is that it is unlikely you will conduct many repairs on a new, digitally controlled refrigerator. You need to contact an appliance repair company to conduct the repair. Otherwise you may cause more damage which will cost you even more to repair, if a repair is then possible.

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Hire a Cleaning Doctor V’s DIY

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Carpet Cleaning - Cleaning Doctor

Wondering if you should hire a carpet cleaning Doctor to to all the work for you in Cork or go out and do it yourself?

Lets debate the difference apart from the obvious such as having to go out and get all the cleaning equipment and cleaning detergents yourself assuming you don’t already have them in the house already. We debated some points with the carpet cleaning Doctor Cork, here are some of the points made and benefits of hiring a professional carpet cleaner against us doing it. Lets look at what they can bring to the table against your ability to do it yourself:


A good carpet adds beauty, comfort and style to a room but with time and traffic and general use, it loses that appeal with some stains, and general dirt brought in, its newness is gone. A professional cleaning doctor will be able bring back that new feel with stains removed and a fresh smell back in the carpet using their strong industrial machines.

A cleaning doctor provides skilled carpet cleaners with effective knowledge and best application in removing stains that you may struggle with especially with stains that are difficult to remove and limiting the amount of damage a lay person can do by using chemicals that sometimes make a stain even worse. Mixing chemicals with stains can often make it worse and result in permanent damage.


If time is our most valuable resource with a defined about of it per person, well you have to evaluate it against how long it will take you against how long it will take a professional cleaners. At a guess for an average room, it would take someone like you or me half a day to do an average job, a professional cleaner can do it in about an hour and have a better job done. Half a day’s labour for an ok job against I hour with a cleaning Doctor. I think the professional cleaner will win.

Reduced Wetness and Moisture

Professional cleaners use suction machines and dryers to reduce the amount of wetness and damp going in to the carpets, a manual job using more conventional cleaning methods done by you or me will take a room probably two to three days to dry out properly. Again the professional cleaner will win.


The cost of hiring a professional cleaner is very reasonable and cheap. If we compare what it would cost us to do it including our time as time is a limited resource, if it takes us half a day to clean a carpet say 4 hours multiplied by an average hourly cost, you will find it can be sometimes as cheap and cheaper to hire a pro carpet cleaner.

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Dishwasher Repairs Sometimes Require A Pro For The Fix

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Dishwashers are appliances that often can have issues, believe it or not. All appliances can be in need of maintenance or repairs from time to time, but dishwashers definitely are at the top of the list. That’s why it’s so important that you do everything you’re supposed to keep the dishwasher in tip top shape. Chiefly, that means not relying on it solely for washing dishes. In other words, make sure you still do your part.

Not cleaning off and rinsing dishes beforehand can lead to problems of all kinds eventually. You don’t have to clean them completely, but again, you don’t want to rely on your dishwasher solely. There are certain issues that can arise with your dishwasher that you might be able to fix yourself. However, some of the problems are going to have to be left to the dishwasher service professionals. That’s just how it goes sometimes.

First of all, you have to think about the warranty. If you get in there and start tinkering around and only void your warranty, that’s not going to do you much good at all. Of course, maybe your warranty is expired, yet the repair can still be made instead of you buying  a new dishwasher. There are common problems that can be considered easy enough to fix with a little know how and a good tutorial. And then, there are more difficult problems to fix as well.

It’s also worth noting that there are a few common problems that are usually the culprit when it comes to a dishwasher that doesn’t work. Additionally, regular maintenance that is very important can help keep your dishwasher from breaking down. If a problem does arise, then you just need to try and figure out what’s wrong first and then determine what solution is best.


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Expert Tree Services

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Arborist at work

Everyone is an Expert

Have you ever thought about getting the trees in your neighborhood pruned, fertilized or even removed? There always comes a time when trees need work and overhauling. We the new generation believe to be experts in everything, although it is a good thing to try things at home and learn without having to call other people to do your work for you. But sometimes, crucial and technical stuff needs to be handled by the pros. Trees like all other plants require care, expert knowledge and effort to help them grow. If trees are left all by themselves never cared for, then they will die eventually and then you and your neighbors are going to have to get them removed. So you see, instead of waiting for that moment to come, why not hire somebody who can help you with the trees in your neighborhood?

Tree Services

After storms and strong winds, trees tend to bend and sometimes fall which is very dangerous if you think about it. Do you have a tree near by your house stooping, giving you the creeps? Get it removed people! Experts are there to help you get rid of it without any risk to your place. Don’t wait for the storm because if the tree accidently falls you are going to be in big trouble, not only will it cause destruction but also the tree services cost you more than it would have before.
Even if you manage to remove the tree or prune it yourself, you will be needing a professional with proper equipment for stump removal or getting the tree out of your way. Moreover, fertilization and proper treatment is must when the trees start to grow old. You might want to keep in touch with some popular tree cutting companies. It is always best to look up their website, ask around, inquire about the previous work and negotiate any demands you have. Do take a look at Questions to ask before hiring a Tree Removal Service company like

Keep it Classy

The trees have the tendency to make the environment pretty. A good neighborhood always has good-Nature trees, with proper maintenance. A place with trees is known to have more value than a place without them. Landscaping of your home is crucial for you and even for later when you decide to sell the house. Keep your property safe by getting in touch with the best professionals around and make a wise decision.

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Consider Repairs When Your Fridge Breaks Down Before Buying New

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Appliance RepairWhen your refrigerator breaks down, the first thing you want to do is make sure that it’s not going to just require an easy fix. Some appliance repair problems can be quite simple, but at the same time, they can also not be so simple. There are certain troubleshooting steps you can take with a refrigerator before you decide that it’s scrap metal. You can even make sense of calling a fridge repair company in certain situations.
Hey, a new refrigerator can be quite expensive. Mine recently started to break down, and I can tell you what I’ve done. Maybe it will help you make a decision. First, my refrigerator is older and wasn’t one of the most expensive models. It’s like a middle of the road refrigerator, not the cheapest either. When mine broke down, I was instructed by a friend to pull it out an clean off the back with a vacuum.
That’s just one of the things you can try. When you’re looking up troubleshooting steps, you are going to find out all kinds of things. You will likely even start to get an idea about whether or not it might be a good idea to call that repairman. Or, it could be exactly the opposite. You might realize that the refrigerator is most likely ready for the junkyard and needs to be replaced.

If that’s the case, then you’ll have to budget what you need for a new fridge. Are you going to buy one that is less expensive, or are you going to buy one that costs about the same or more? If you think you’re going to get any money for your current fridge, many people find out that they are pretty much out of luck. You need a scrapping license for things like that these days, and you’re not going to get tons of money for the fridge anyway.

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Embellish Your Bathroom with Plants

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snake plant

Snake Plant

How to embellish your bathroom with plants?

Beautify with Plants

Why not bring life and color to the most commonly used rooms in the house, the bathroom? Though most of us never stop to think that a well-designed and sterile bathroom needs to be filled with life. The best way to make that happen is to install plants that grow well in such room temperature, with moisture and not to forget the low light. Works perfectly for some plants but definitely not all. We must be careful and do our research before getting plants for a bathroom.

Water, Light and Plants

One way is to look for humidity loving plants. Ask around and you will gather information sooner rather than later. It is better to start with window ledges and shelves, the higher the better. Small plants look great and provide more space for other tall plants. Among other florae like orchids, ferns, bamboos and the snake plant, my personal favorite is the aloe Vera plant. It works great in less sunlight which makes it perfect for the bathroom. They not only purify the air but also with their eye-catching glossy leaves help revamp the room.

Talking about color, orchids in white and pink being a small plant are best to brighten a bathroom by placing them on the sink or by the tub, keeping them at eye level. So you see there are many ways to use these plants, place them at places where they look best. All you need to do is look for the plants you like and your bathroom would look more refreshing and interesting.

Light among other things is also a main concern. As bathrooms have usually small windows, sunlight is hard to reach. So, make sure you look for plants that require less or no sunlight. Also use fluorescent light bulbs, as they help produce the wavelengths of light that plants need. Science amazes in many ways indeed. With these small tips you will be able to embellish your bathroom in less than a week, beautifying it with greenery.

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Balcony Garden Ideas

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balcony garden

No yard? Grow an Urban Balcony Garden

Dream Garden in a Balcony

Are you one of those people who have given up on gardening only because they have no yard to beautify? The times when gardening was limited to yards and proper ground, is the past now. You no longer need to suppress your gardening abilities. You can plant your favorite plants and vegetables even if you live in a small apartment with a small balcony. Yes, a balcony! Who would have thought that it is even possible to grow plants at such a place? Wait till you learn all that we have for you.

Key Points For A Better Balcony Garden

All you need is good light, a wide rack of pots, some sitting area and awesome gardening skills. Making a small terrace into a place capable of spending your evening is more than what you would ever want. There are many smart ways that you could use to brighten up your balcony with less spending.

Firstly you must always use high quality organic potting soil as the plants in containers need more fertilization than the outdoor plants. Make sure your plants get at least 4-5 hours of sunlight a day, this will help you analyze which containers should be placed at which spots. Woodland plants might still thrive with partial sunlight, so studying sunlight is important. Also, keep your containers close to each other, it will allow you to water them together with ease.

Now to consider the vegetables that you can grow in your balcony, under your supervision few feet away from you. Some need large containers like cauliflower and Brussel sprouts, but if you like to keep small ones than go for salad greens, eggplants and peppers.

Fresh and healthy, unbelievable isn’t it? Some people also grow carrots in pots that are deep, or tomatoes, cucumbers and beans. Don’t let the urban apartment life stop you from enjoying the garden. Only a little creativity is required and you can have lanterns and comfy sittings to enhance the pleasure wild life brings.  To get detailed information about the vegetables take at the link here:

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How to Make A Seed Bomb

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seed bomb making

Seed Bombs and the Global Crusade

Guerrilla Gardening being the talk of the town in the gardening sector is becoming more and more popular among gardeners and regular people in general. It is more like a global revival crusade, to brighten up the world with color and life. With the idea to bring people closer to stand up for one cause, bringing change to the otherwise dull and rusty old neighborhoods, roadsides and wastelands ignored by almost everyone.
So, in order to do that why not use Seed Bombs? A technique to make little “bombs” using clay, seeds, compost and water. Simple and quick way to just throw and get going. A very cool term for seeds right? Seed bombing is considered to be fun and effective way of guerrilla gardening, making them yourself with seeds of your favorite flowers, and help revamp the abandoned pieces of lands by a single throw.


DIY Seed Bombs

It really is very easy to make, the seeds bombs? Yeah that right! By mixing one part compost with five parts clay and not to forget one part seeds. Knead them together properly, make separate balls and let them dry over the night. That’s it. With few simple ingredients you will have your very own “Seed Bombs”. Now you see why they are the talk of the town.There are however some points to consider:
Make sure the seeds you are using are native to the land, the soil and the location is suitable.
Understand how many seeds you must put into the mixture for it to work effectively and not overload the land. The method of mixing and using a recipe is sometimes the answer to effective gardening.The compost you are using must be aged enough.
The clay must be fresh and if it stinks than let it dry before you use it. To get into details you might want to look it up here.

Social Responsibility
We always want to do the best we can, but don’t overdo it. Learn and make plans before jumping into it. A great cause like Guerrilla Gardening, must be done with responsibility and accountability. The plus side is that you are going to make this world a better place by these simple techniques. Planting flowers and dropping off seed bombs at deserted places, though are small gestures but you might be responsible for a smile at somebody else’s face. Brighten the world and make it worth living for yourself and other too.

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Dealing With Weeds

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Weed Worries? Not any More!
Is your lush green garden now turned into a nightmare with weeds all over? Every garden’s worst enemy. Watch out or your once-lush garden is going to be infiltrated by unwanted plants and you are going to regret not taking some precautions in the first place. Luckily, you are at the right place to learn how to prevent weed and the best solutions to make it go away naturally instead of using chemical treatments that might be harmful for your enchanting plants.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Weed
The best approach is always the natural step by step technique to make its effect lasts long. You don’t want to get rid of it quickly with chemicals and spoiling all the good stuff with it. Some of the ways to do it naturally are mentioned below:

Soil Tilling
If you are seeding and planting for the first time on some ground, try to get rid of existing roots and grass also known as soil tilling.

Mulch the Soil
Another way is to mulch the soil, it helps the plants by the keeping the soil cool and damp. The idea is to kill the weeds and grass by blocking the light, some people spreads layers of newspaper to achieve the purpose.

Boiling Water
Boiling water is mostly used to kill any extra grass or unwanted plants, it is an easy and effective way and works almost always.

Vinegar Solution
To change the soil salinity and kill the weeds, salt or vinegar solution is sprayed over the affected area. It will not only be effective but work faster.

Chop chop chop
If you don’t want to remove them from the roots, chop off their heads. It will not only limit their regrowth but also stop them from spreading.

Deprive weeds of water
To make sure you are not helping the weeds to grow try not to water them. Research shows that water deprivation reduces 50-60% of weed-seed germination.
Easy and effortless in most cases. Surprised how you never thought of these simple techniques before? No worries, let this spring be the first step of being cautious and never let those nasty weeds invade your garden. Tug them or chop them, mulch or boil them alive. Whatever you do, they must be stopped and prevented at all costs.

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